The Lutzie 43 Foundation is pleased and honored to offer the first edition of the 43 Lessons to Legacy character development curriculum. The curriculum consists of daily lessons prepared by individuals who were impacted in some way by Philip, including well-known public figures such as Bo Jackson, Gus Malzahn, Tom Rinaldi and Nick Saban as well as close family and friends. The lessons focus on key character words, with each lesson including definitions and quotes along with a story relating the character word to everyday life and a personal touch from the author. Each lesson or day concludes with suggested applications for the student and leader. The curriculum is designed to be flexible for use in many different capacities such as one-day events to seasonal programs for student athletes and young people. The goal is that once a group or organization of students finishes the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum along with their staff and leaders, they will form stronger relationships and develop new outlooks and behaviors as it relates to serving and loving others and making personal decisions.

Student participants who take part in the curriculum and show a great deal of growth while continuing to display outstanding character in their communities will be given the opportunity to earn a select number of Lutzie scholarships of $4,300 towards post-secondary education. The students will be chosen based on an essay that they submit describing the impact of the 43 Lessons to Legacy on their life and the Foundation’s board will select and award scholarships on an annual basis.



You can purchase individual copies of the curriculum as well as sets of copies andthey will be mailed to you (1-24 units- $20 each; 25-49 Units - $15 each; 50-99 Units - $12.50 each; 100+ Units - $10.00 each) Shipping and handling fees not included.

*For those schools that have significant financial resource challenges, we have a select number of opportunities for a reduced price through the support of Foundation sponsors. Please contact us and we will do our best to help you receive the curriculum.

Special thank you to the following retailers who have the curriculum available for purchase in their stores. You may visit these stores to purchase the curriculum, or contact them directly by clicking on their logo to order the curriculum.


You can order the “43 Lessons to Legacy” curriculum by filling out the order form and emailing it to [email protected].