Mike’s Monthly Message (May 2017)

Friday, May 26, 2017

In front of 250+ senior students at Hibbing High School in Minnesota, a young student raised her hand and asked, “Does speaking about your son to all of us bring you joy?” I had to pause, for what seemed liked 30 seconds, to gather my thoughts and hold back tears. I had never been asked that question before. Her question made me reflect on the WHY, the reason we created the foundation in the first place.

As I awoke on Monday, May 15, I was reminded exactly of our WHY. It was the day of our second annual Lutzie 43 Golf Invitational, and I knew, based on last year’s Inaugural event, we were in store for a great day. While everyone was still waking up and getting ready for the day, I grabbed a golf cart and drove the beautiful landscape at Pursell Farms to reflect.

When I returned to the lodge, it was evident that everyone was waiting on me and wondering where I had been all morning. They were all dressed and ready to go, where I had not even showered, still wearing the shirt I wore to bed the night before. It had not occurred to me how long I was actually out on the course that morning, shedding tears of sadness and joy, talking to my son Philip and reflecting on all that has been accomplished since his passing.

In my mind, I question weekly if we should be investing in the Lutzie 43 Foundation.  But, when I search my heart and lean on my faith in God, his beloved son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, there is a clear view to WHY we do what we do. Philip tells us daily that it is okay to smile and have joy in this Foundation. We need to share his stories with kids from ages 12 to 24, to help shape their purpose through developing good character and good decision-making skills.

If you could have been in the room at our after-golf dinner and witnessed our initial five PFL Prepared for Life Character Scholarship winners accepting their $4,300 Scholarship you would, without a doubt, see that Philip continues to live and bring joy too many. It is because of people like you, who support our foundation wholeheartedly that make a difference.

I cannot thank my family, my friends, our board members, Coach Malzahn, Coach Spurrier and Tony Barnhart enough for sharing a day to support the Lutzie 43 Foundation.  


God Bless,

Mike Lutzenkirchen