PFL Character Scholarship Winner - KK

Monday, June 12, 2017

My name is Kerilyn Dubberley, but most people simply call me KK. I am a 16-year-old rising senior at Lee Scott Academy in Auburn, Alabama and I enjoy riding horses and playing softball and basketball. I also love to read and write poetry. After high school, I plan to attend Auburn University and hopefully fulfill my dreams of studying osteopathic medicine. I am honored to be one of the first recipients of the PFL Character Scholarship from the Lutzie 43 Foundation.

Throughout my life, I have faced many challenges that have taught me so much about myself and shaped who I am today. My study of the 43 Lessons to Legacy character development curriculum came at the perfect time in my life and was a much-needed time of reflection during a tough time. When I was ten years old, my parents got divorced. The following year, my childhood home went down in flames. A few years went by, troubles striking here and there, and then in 2016, my dad was diagnosed with head and neck cancer. A few months later, he was told he had Parkinson's disease. It was at this time that I decided I would move in with to help with his care. As a sophomore in high school and not of age to drive, I was uneasy about how I could do this. I questioned God and wanted to know why? Honestly, I wanted to know what I had done to deserve this. I was selfish. I felt so sorry for myself, not realizing that life could be a lot worse. I refused to see the bigger picture as I focused on my own troubles.

As I sat in my ACT prep class, we began reading the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum. Every single lesson had a huge impact on me, but three hit right at home. The lesson of Patience written by Mary Lutzenkirchen was the first lesson I came across. "The willingness to endure without complaint," the definition read. I never knew the real meaning of patience, but the words on the page hit me hard. I saw in the story how Philip was so patient when things didn't go his way. He was always patient because he knew the Lord's timing was better than he could imagine. He knew God was working no matter what he was going through, so he smiled.

The lessons Strength and Happiness went hand and hand together for me. There have been days for me where giving up seemed like the easiest road, but I was encouraged by how Philip never did. He was strong enough to endure whatever the world threw at him, and he remained happy. He knew that the Lord had his back in every situation, even if the Lord’s plans were not exactly what he had in mind.

This curriculum taught me so much more than I had intended. It helped me to stop

asking why, and start asking how. I stopped questioning, “why is God doing this to me,” and challenged myself to think, “how is God working in me and through me?” I have slowly but surely realized that God has done certain things and put me through certain situations to help me. I learned to be patient when the storm seems everlasting, to be strong in any situation, and to remain happy because God is working, even if I don't see it now. This is something I would have never realized without the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum. Philip had a gift. Although I never knew him personally, it was very evident that he was someone of great character.

My dad used to drive the football equipment for the university. When I asked my dad what Philip was like, he said, "He was always laughing, always smiling,

always willing to help, and always willing to do anything to make someone else happy." There aren't many people who would go the miles Philip did to make someone happy, but that's why he left such a legacy behind. My goal every day is to live like Lutz, love like Lutz, and learn from Lutz.

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