Welcome to the Lutzie 43 Blog

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The purpose of the Lutzie 43 Blog is to bring you content that encourages you, teaches you, and inspires you. We want to remember Philip’s Legacy by celebrating those who exemplify the characteristics found in the “43 Lessons to Legacy” curriculum.  It is a platform for family, friends and followers of the foundation to share their stories of success, failures, trials, hope and most importantly, faith.

The blog will highlight Mike’s travels and where he has felt the impact of Philip’s legacy through his talks throughout the country. It will provide a way for students, parents and athletes to share their personal testimonials and how the foundation has left an impression on their minds and hearts.

The Lutzie 43 Blog is a space that will feature posts written by board members, sponsors and scholarship winners. It will give you a behind the scenes look at all our fundraising events like the Lutzie 43 Invitational and annual road race at Lutzie Field.  

When people tell their stories, we can learn and grow together. We are so excited for the launch of the Lutzie 43 Blog to share more about the ways we are committed to our mission of character building and giving back. We are overwhelmed by the love, support and impact Lutzie 43 has had since we lost Philip, and are thrilled for what is to come.