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Lutzie 43
November 3, 2021

Categories: PFL Scholarship

PFL Scholarship Winner Highlight: Sarah Murph

Thank you, Sarah, for providing this blog post!

I am so humbled and honored to be a Lutzie 43 Foundation Scholarship recipient. As a student at The University of Alabama, this award came as a shock, but there is no greater honor than representing an organization that enriches not only athletes but enthusiastic, insightful minds while preparing them for life. Being awarded such a prestigious scholarship derived from the sole purpose of honoring the life and legacy Philip Lutzenkirchen left behind has charged me to spread awareness and tell of the importance of distraction-free driving. Financial assistance from the Lutzie 43 Foundation allows me to broaden my horizons and go outside my comfort zone, just as I believe Philip would urge me. 

To be a senior in high school in the midst of a global pandemic has not been the easiest task. This year has been challenging in so many different facets, but through the chaos and uncertainty, I have learned more about myself and what my purpose is in life. Throughout the beginning of my senior year, I thought back to my freshman year when Mr. Mike visited my school and told us about Philip’s life, his mistakes, and the legacy he left behind. I felt called to apply for this scholarship because, like I remember Mr. Mike telling my classmates and myself, Philip was taken far too soon. As an enthusiastic young person with a voice for helping others, I believed that I could make a difference in my community and use my voice to advocate for what Philip left behind. This past September, my grandmother, Mimi, lost her hard-fought 11-month battle to Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Although she is no longer here with me on Earth, Mimi, like Philip, left a legacy for me to fulfill. It is not only my duty, but an honor to continue to spread joy and love to all whom I come in contact with, just like my Mimi and Philip Lutzenkirchen. While these two individuals left people behind who love and miss them daily, I cannot imagine how great they must feel to see young minds inspired solely by the way in which they lead their lives on Earth.