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43 Key Seconds

End distracted driving. End impaired driving. End unsafe driving.

The 43 Key Seconds key reminds you to take 43 seconds to ensure you have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes and click it before turning the key.

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We’re on a Mission

Family picture after Nation Championship
We’re passionate about this mission because Philip Lutzenkirchen, former Auburn football stand-out who’s impact went far beyond the football field, lost his life as a passenger in a distracted, impaired and unsafe driving crash in June of 2014. Nobody thought his life would end in an impaired driving crash - but it did. In an instant, this crash contributed to the alarming statistics surrounding the distracted and impaired driving epidemic. We cannot stand by as 10,000 people die each year due to drunk driving crashes and nine people die a day from distracted driving.
We’re asking you to keep a 43 Key Seconds key in your car, and to ensure your loved ones are doing the same.
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Inspired by the legacy of Philip, the Lutzie 43 Foundation started the 43 Key Seconds initiative with a goal of creating the first nationally-recognized symbol for distracted, impaired and unsafe driving. This is accomplished through the 43 Key Seconds key, which serves as a physical reminder for drivers to take 43 seconds to prioritize safety behind the wheel.
Sign our 43 Key Seconds Pledge to not drive impaired, distracted or unsafe.