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School Partnerships

School Partnerships

Teens are more susceptible to distracted driving crashes than adults

Teens are more likely to drive distracted, particularly through talking or texting and driving. According to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, those who use cell phones while driving are more also likely to engage in other risky behaviors, such as speeding and running red lights. 

  • Vehicle crashes are the #1 cause of preventable death and injury for teens
  • Teens and young adults ages 15-24 are most likely to be injured or killed in vehicle crashes
  • 8 people die every day in distracted driving-related crashes
  • Teen drivers are 3 times more likely to be involved in a fatal car crash than adults     Teen driver texting  



Motor vehicle deaths are preventable. 

Parents, teachers, coaches, and school faculty play crucial roles in preventing distracted and impaired driving by promoting safe driving among teens. Research suggests that showing young people the effects of teen distracted and impaired driving and educating them on how to avoid it works better to motivate behavioral changes than simply telling them to put away their phones or don’t drink and drive. 

Through our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiatives, we can help you educate your students with potentially lifesaving information. Our goal is to create a lasting and impactful partnership with your school that will lead to safer roads, and fewer accidents and fatalities due to teen distracted and impaired driving.  

Lutzie 43’s School Safety Initiative

43 Key Seconds Talk: Mike Lutzenkirchen brings his powerful 43 Key Seconds Talk to classrooms and auditoriums to tell his story of losing his son as a passenger in an avoidable distracted and impaired driving accident. Mike honestly and courageously shares his son Philip’s life and the fatal car accident that led to his death and provides helpful tools to prevent teen distracted and impaired driving. Through more than 400 Talks to more than 220,000 adults and teens, Mike has shared the tragic consequences of what can happen when someone chooses to drive distracted or impaired in a way that truly resonates with his audience. In this presentation, Mike leaves teens with the knowledge, resources, and tools to motivate them to change their driving behavior. 

Co-Branded 43 Key Seconds keys: Become a steward of safe driving by giving your students co-branded 43 Key Seconds keys designed with your school mascot and our 43 Key Seconds initiative. We encourage student drivers to place the key on their keychain or keep it within sight in their car. The keys serve as a constant, physical reminder to drive safely by prompting them to take 43 seconds to ensure they have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes, and click their seatbelt before operating or riding in a vehicle.

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Case Studies

Thompson High School  (Alabaster, Alabama)

In 2018, a Thompson High School senior was killed in a vehicle accident caused by texting while driving on the interstate.    Mike’s presentations and the 43 Key Seconds keys have given students a sense of empowerment. Read More   

Pope High School  (Marietta, Georgia)

 More than 50% of teen driving accidents are caused by distracted driving.  Pope set out to educate students on what constitutes distracted and impaired driving by partnering with the Lutzie 43 Foundation. Read More