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Lutzie 43
April 28, 2020

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A Letter from Mike Lutzenkirchen

We understand that we are living in a time of uncertainty and we’re all being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in some way. Today, I want to share an update of the Lutzie 43 Foundation. My hope in sharing this with you is to highlight the great work the foundation continues to do and show how we are preparing for a post-pandemic world.

Friday, March 13 began by preparing the final details for several upcoming “Philip’s Legacy…what legacy are you leaving?” talks at Pelham High School for 964 students, Enterprise High School for 2,207 students, and Elba High School for 294 students. I was excited to share our talk, highlight our 43 Key Seconds initiative and provide all students and staff with a co-branded 43 Key Second key, countdown card and lanyard.

That Friday marked the first of many cancellations across the world due to COVID-19; but specifically for the foundation, in addition to our high school talks our keynote address at the Kansas Department of Transportation Annual Conference and annual Alabama Municipal Electric Association conference were canceled. Additionally, our annual Golf Invitational, Auburn Weekend and Elementary School Adapted Physical Education field days were canceled.

As we do our best to honor our government and medical expert’s guidance to minimize the spread and eliminate COVID-19 by social distancing, it provides an opportunity to look into the future of the Lutzie 43 Foundation and let me tell you, the foundation’s future is bright! Our investment in 43 Key Seconds has been recognized by high schools, colleges, businesses and government agencies across the country.

By sharing the list of organizations that have canceled their events, it emphasizes the breadth and potential reach that 43 Key Seconds has had on teen, college and adult drivers. It’s exciting to have organizations like Novartis, a global Fortune 500 company, headquartered in Switzerland, inquire about our talk and 43 Key Seconds initiative. The lessons from Philip’s life, being available to impact others with our PFL Scholarship and changing the narrative about distracted and impaired driving with our 43 Key Seconds initiative that challenges all drivers to have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes and click it before driving a vehicle.

Mike and PFL Scholarship winner

A by-product of COVID-19 is seeing a significant reduction of distracted and impaired drivers on our roads resulting in a decrease in crashes, injuries and fatalities. But when the pandemic is defeated or at least, controlled, our roadways will fill up and the reality of distracted and impaired drivers will return. I am energized to tell Philip’s story and enthusiastically position 43 Key Seconds to high school, college and corporate leaders so that we can reduce the epidemic and crisis associated with distracted and impaired driving.

May 5 marks a new day created by Giving Tuesday. This day is a new day of giving called Giving Tuesday NOW. Giving Tuesday NOW represents a unified day of giving considering the COVID-19 pandemic. On this day, the Lutzie 43 Foundation’s goal is to raise $7,000 in 24 hours. Seventy-five percent of funds raised will go directly to essential workers. We will be purchasing gas cards to distribute to essential workers like grocery store employees, firefighters, hospital janitors, senior health care personnel and more! Along with the gas cards, we will also provide them with our 43 Key Seconds key, countdown card & lanyard. Since the foundation has been impacted like so many other foundations and businesses the other 25% of all funds raised will go towards the foundation. That 25% will help us continue to spread our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative to students, parents, employees and more and also help fund our 2020 Prepared for Life (PFL) Scholarship. To give, please click here. We appreciate any and all support during this time!

Stay safe, help a neighbor and we will see you soon!