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Greenbush Logistics Case Study

Greenbush Logistics LogoGreat Southern Wood Preserving, the largest distributor of pressure-treated pine in the nation and makers of YellaWood, is the parent company of Greenbush Logistics Inc. With a fleet of over 200 trucks, Greenbush Logistics specializes in freight management across the southeast.  

Challenge: According to Omnitracs, truck drivers are nearly 72% more likely to be involved in a “near collision” than other drivers. As a company in the trucking industry, Greenbush Logistics is concerned about the safety of their truck drivers and other drivers on the road. With over a million miles driven each year, truck drivers must remember to avoid distractions while on the road. This is paramount to protecting both the company and the employees. 

Solution: Greenbush Invests in training programs on driving safety and distracted driving awareness for their employees. Philip’s legacy and the Lutzie 43 Foundation’s mission aligns with the company’s safety goals. During a new hire orientation, co-branded 43 Key Seconds keys were provided to the employees.  Greenbush also sponsored Mike to speak at Houston Academy in Dothan, Alabama where he engaged an assembly of students in grades 7th-12th as part of the company’s community outreach program. 

Results: The co-branded 43 Key Seconds Keys are on every company keychain. When a driver picks up the keys, the “Clear Head, Clear hands, Clear Eyes and Click it” message is fresh in their mind before they turn their ignitions. Mike’s story about his son Philip provided a powerful message about the devastating effects of impaired and distracted driving on the students at Houston Academy. Many have expressed that they now think twice before doing something that might distract them while on the road. 

Quote: “You just need to get Mike in front of a crowd to speak. The powerful message leaves a lasting impression on both teens and adults. The first thing my 16-year old son did was make sure he had the number 43 on his car to remind him to practice safe driving. We plan on partnering with the Lutzie 43 Foundation for years to come.” –Kevin Savoy, VP of Great Southern Wood Preserving and Greenbush Logistics.


Yellawood Lutzie 43 Key card