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Lutzie 43

Lutzie 43 in 2022: A Letter From Mike Lutzenkirchen

Dear Friends,

Writing on the 25th day of our annual 43 Day Year End Campaign and nearing the end of 2022, I want to take a moment to say thank you for all your support and belief in our mission.

In the past I have shared how the number 43 is illuminated throughout my day. Whether seeing 8:43am on the clock, a 43 mile marker on my drive, or from many of you texting a picture of the 43 marker for your table as you wait for your order to arrive, I am reminded of the impact that Philip has everyday. 

We entered 2022 with a renewed focus on getting in front of high school and college students while ensuring businesses and employers understood that 43 Key Seconds could protect their employees and company.  Each year, the foundation grows in ways that were not in our vision during the past 43 Day Year End Campaign. 

Through your financial support we were able to ensure that Philip’s impact continued in the communities close to his heart. In Cobb County, we supported over 700 special needs elementary school students during our Cobb County Elementary School Adapted PE Field Days. Twelve additional high school students earned our $4,300 PFL (Prepared for Life) Scholarship and we awarded two more students with $4,300 scholarships as winners of the spring and fall Auburn University School of Communication and Journalism “Philip Lutzenkirchen Excellence in Public Speaking Awards”.  To date, we have awarded seventy-eight scholarships totaling more than $325,000.  Our family sheds tears of joy knowing Philip is the reason behind our ability to impact elementary, high school and college age students.

43 Key Seconds was created to give all drivers, regardless of experience, age, location or type of vehicle a behavior changing image and checklist to ensure smarter and safe decisions are made behind the wheel. We are living in an environment where roadway fatalities increase over 10% quarter to quarter as reported by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.  It is time for us all to push boundaries with the Lutzie 43 Foundation leading the way for corporations, associations and government entities to work together to ensure roadway fatalities are eliminated!

The Lutzie 43 Foundation through our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative has found the ideal intersection of social good and corporate success.  43 Key Seconds is proving it’s possible for businesses to integrate and embrace societal concerns (creating a new Cause – assisting in creating safer roadways) into their core operating strategies, (enhancing the businesses safety culture) benefitting their businesses, employees, employee families, customers, and communities they serve.

We have added “Protected by” to our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative to narrow our focus. In 2023 you will see the positioning of Protected by 43 Key Seconds in all we do. 

In 2022 we grew in our partnership with the Georgia Department of Transportation (Georgia DOT) to create a trailblazing relationship to reach all driving age audiences. We have married Georgia DOT’s messaging of Drive Alert Arrive Alive with 43 Key Seconds. Through overhead highway Digital Sign Message boards and our Teen Safe Driving Summits we are creating safe driving behaviors for all age drivers.  Early signs are encouraging on the impact in Georgia, and we are pushing Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee DOT’s to run with us!

If you have not had an opportunity to make a gift in support of our mission this year, please consider participating during the remaining days of the 43 Day Year End Campaign.  A gift in any amount will save lives.  Please continue to pray for the foundation, run in our annual Lutzie 43 5K Road Race, and share Protected by 43 Key Seconds with your employer or local school leaders. 

Happy Holidays and God Bless,