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Lutzie 43
February 28, 2022

Categories: PFL Scholarship

Meet Abigail Boles, a 2021 PFL Scholarship Recipient

I am Abigail Boles and I am humbled to be a recipient of the Lutzie 43 Foundation PFL Character Scholarship for 2021. I would like to thank the foundation and Lutzenkirchen family for deeming me worthy of this award.
I first heard Philip’s story in 2019 at a teen driving summit in Troy, Alabama. Two things made a great impression on me. First, I learned of Philip’s goofy sense of humor and how he never let the opinions of others impact who he was. I was afraid to be bold in my thoughts of independence and smart decision making. I was still trying to fit in with my peers. Philip’s attitude reminded me to always be my genuine self. His story reminded me not to care what anyone thought of me, all while making smart decisions. 
Second, I decided that I also wanted to be “available” to people. Hearing Mike Lutzenkirchen encourage me and my peers to be more “available” to others made me reflect on whether I was doing that in my life. The answer I came up with was “no.” I was not “Living like Lutz,” or “Loving like Lutz” so I chose to “Learn from Lutz”. To this day, I work to listen with attention and with an open mind. I work to be there for those that need me without considering my own needs and wants. I work to shape myself into a better person knowing that every day is another opportunity for improvement and growth.
I am determined to further share the message of the Lutzie 43 Foundation, so others may learn the lessons that Philip has left behind. I want to make my family and friends proud with my endeavors, so I may also make a profound impact on others like Philip did on earth.