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Lutzie 43
December 15, 2020

Categories: PFL Scholarship

The Story Behind the PFL Scholarship

Since the foundation’s start, we have been fortunate to provide scholarships to deserving students in Philip’s honor.

To most, the PFL Scholarship is known as the Prepared for Life Scholarship. It is better known to Philip’s friends and family as the Philip Frances Lutzenkirchen (PFL) Scholarship. When we started to award the PFL Scholarship in 2014, we wanted to ensure the initiative continued to share Philip’s legacy and impact. Our hope for each scholarship recipient is that the student learns about Philip, the person he was, and the circumstances surrounding his passing. We hope the student will implement the positive character traits Philip portrayed in their own life. We want all students to learn from Philip and become positive ambassadors for safe driving.

After reading hundreds of applications and essays, we continue to be blown away by Philip’s impact on so many young students. Students have shared stories of growing up an Auburn fan and knowing Philip for his football accomplishments and then being impacted by the person he was off the field. Some applicants have never heard of Philip until reading the 43 Lessons to Legacy Curriculum or learning about the Lutzie 43 Foundation. Students have shared about the lessons they learned from Philip and how those lessons have made them a better person, a safer driver and a better friend. Even though Philip is no longer with us in this world, we continue to feel his impact through our PFL Scholarship applicants.

In 2020, we awarded our largest number of PFL Scholarships, with 15 students receiving the award. To date, we have awarded 53 scholarships totaling over $222,700!

Our 43 Day Campaign is our most extensive fundraising campaign of the year. During the 43 Day Campaign, funds raised go towards our mission of ending distracted and impaired driving and our PFL Scholarship fund. In 2021, we hope to award even more deserving students our $4,300 PFL Scholarship.

Donate to our 43 Day Campaign to help impact a young student’s life; give here. Are you interested in co-branding a PFL Scholarship? Email us!

Thank you for your continued support and generosity.