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Lutzie 43
December 16, 2019

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2019 PFL Scholarship Recipient, Ashtyn Grace King

Thank you to Ashtyn Grace King for providing this blog post.


Always remember who you are & whose you are!

That phrase has been repeated to me throughout my lifetime by my parents and grandparents.  It served as a great reminder that I am always representing someone or something bigger than myself.

I am beyond humbled and honored to be one of the few to have received this scholarship! It truly means the world to me to receive a scholarship based on good character. When navigating all the admission & scholarship applications over the past year, every application was based on your ACT, GPA & parents’ income. You can place a numeric value with all of those qualifications. One thing that has no numeric value, but is invaluable, is good character.

After hearing about the 43 Lessons to Legacy through social media, I purchased the curriculum at J & M Bookstore.  I approached my Leadership Class teacher about starting a small group within the class. There were several small groups that focused on different service projects, but a few of us formed “The 43 Group” & we met every week in the Prattville High School band room.  Participating in the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum taught me many life lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. I learned of ways to not only better myself, but how to better those around me. There are 43 words that describe Philip Lutzenkirchen.  Some of those descriptive words that impacted me were strength, giving, honor and steadfast.

Steadfast probably describes the last couple of years of my life best.  I’ve had my share of ups and downs.  One specific challenge that brought both hills and valleys, was having torn meniscus surgery twice during my sophomore year.  I have had to make sacrifices, make tough decisions, and take on huge barriers. Without having to go through those things, I would not be where I am today. The curriculum says that being steadfast means you are determined and that you persevere to become our very best self. It is not easy to go through the hard times, but the obstacles we go through mold us. These difficult times in my life have taught me the most.  They are the times where I have grown the most and where I have been so privileged to discover who I am. I have learned to enjoy the moments and to enjoy the journey because no matter what we are going through, it is taking us to somewhere greater than we can ever imagine. 

I had the privilege to sit down with Mr. Lutzenkirchen personally to hear him tell Philip’s story and how he had the vision for the curriculum and foundation. After talking with him, I am even more humbled that Philip’s family and friends felt I was worthy of this huge honor.  As a lifelong Auburn Fan, I admired Philip for what he was able to accomplish on the football field. After going through the curriculum and learning more about him from family, friends, coaches and teammates, I realize that he had 43 qualities that we all should strive to have.  The Lutzie 43 Foundation supports causes and sponsors events that are already near and dear to my heart.  I pledge my support to this organization and will be a proud ambassador for Philip’s legacy for many years to come.