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Lutzie 43
December 3, 2019

Categories: 43 Day Campaign

Giving Tuesday: A letter from Mike Lutzenkirchen

Together, we can change the narrative

Giving Tuesday was established in 2012 with a goal of doing good by serving the community and knowing any act of generosity can make a difference in someone’s life.  During the first two years of the Lutzie 43 Foundation and before we established the 43 Day Campaign, it didn’t feel right to ask for financial support simply based on our loss of Philip. As we have grown and received confirmation that our mission, to use Philip’s life to make a difference in the lives of people of all ages,  needs financial support through donations during our 43 Day Campaign. This is imperative if we seek to make an even greater impact in 2020. 

The money raised during our 43 Day Campaign ensures our ability to put smiles on elementary school-age adaptive P.E. students through our Adaptive P.E. Field Days in addition to acknowledging and thanking their teachers and support staff for all of the amazing work they do. Philip always had a special place in his heart for those with special needs. Donations towards our Adapted P.E. Field Days helps provide transportation via specially equipped buses for schools, so Lutzie 43 hosts the field days and provides transportation for the students. To warm your heart, enjoy this video that highlights our Adapted P.E. Field Day events.

Additionally, your donation allows us to fund our $4,300 PFL (Prepared for Life) Scholarships. We are proud to have awarded thirty-six $4,300 Scholarships over the past four years. 

Since announcing our 43 Key Seconds initiative in October 2018, we’ve made it our goal to get keys in cars so that all drivers have a “tool” to serve as a visual reminder not to drive distracted or impaired. Through our efforts over the last two years, we have been encouraged by the acceptance of the 43 Key Seconds campaign, but need your help to continue this project, specifically to help get keys in the hands of high school and college students, as teens are at the largest risk to get in a distracted and impaired driving accident.

Money raised will also assist us in delivering our talk, “Philip’s Legacy…What Legacy Are You Leaving?”, that includes a candid discussion on the impaired and distracted driving elements that took Philip’s life and allows us to provide co-branded 43 Key Second keys, lanyards and countdown cards to high schools that cannot afford so otherwise.  It’s powerful to see teenage students absorb the messages from our talk, but it is more convincing that they are being reminded of the message when they see their high school logo and colors on the backside of the key and listed on the lanyard.    

Thank you for your past support and for consideration in continuing to join us on our journey to change the narrative on crashes and fatalities due to distracted and impaired driving.

To continue to support our foundation and our initiatives, please consider making a donation to our 43 Day Campaign. This Giving Tuesday we are trying to raise $25,000 in 24 hours! All funds contribute to our overall goal of raising $60,000 in 43 days. To give, please click here