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Lutzie 43
November 29, 2021

Categories: 43 Day Campaign ,43 Key Seconds

43 Key Seconds + Corporate Initiatives

When it comes to safety behind the wheel, the Lutzie 43 Foundation recognizes the significance of the morning and evening commute to work. Additionally, many companies value their employees’ safety not only when on the job, but also and when driving to and from work. Our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative is an opportunity for employers to show their employees and their families they care and emphasize safe driving in all aspects of the job. 

Did you know that motor vehicle crashes are the number one cause of workplace deaths? When drivers are distracted by their cell phones they are four times more likely to crash. Our 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative gives all drivers a physical tool and reminder to prioritize safety behind the wheel at all times. Whether you are driving to or from work or commuting to a meeting or a job site, arriving safely to your destination is important. We are on a mission to end distracted and impaired driving and hope that your organization will help us with this goal.

When companies and organizations partner with the Lutzie 43 Foundation, employees and other driving members of the community can hear Mike Lutzenkirchen’s 43 Key Seconds safe driving talk. Mike Lutzenkirchen, the founder of the Lutzie 43 Foundation and father of the late Philip Lutzenkirchen, gives an honest and real-world example of the dangers of distracted and impaired driving and losing a child from an avoidable accident. His talk resonates with all audiences and he motivates behavioral change behind the wheel through speaking on the real dangers of distracted and impaired driving. 

These companies can also design and distribute co-branded 43 Key Seconds keys, which provide and the opportunity to give back to the community in a unique way. The co-branded 43 Key Seconds keys are designed with company logos and the Lutzie 43 Foundation logo and serve as a symbol that motivates employees to take 43 Key Seconds to ensure they have a clear head, clear hands, clear eyes, and click it before getting behind the wheel. Providing the 43 Key Seconds co-branded keys shows employees that you value their safety. You can also further your company’s impact on the community by sponsoring a 43 Key Seconds talk with co-branded or tri-branded keys for teen drivers at a local school or community group. 

In addition to partnering with the Lutzie 43 Foundation, companies and organizations can help the Lutzie 43 Foundation grow its impact by making a donation to the foundation during the 43 Day Campaign. Employees can request that their company match their donation to the Lutzie 43 Foundation when making their donation by checking the box at checkout. 

By partnering with the Lutzie 43 Foundation to share the 43 Key Seconds safe driving initiative with employees, you can help keep members of the company or organization safe. While employee safety is the most important result, this initiative can also help reduce the company’s insurance, workers’ compensation, and accident claims, lower vehicle maintenance costs, and minimize company’s liability and risk. Through this partnership, companies and organizations can make a real difference in the lives of members in the community. 

To learn more, email info@lutzie43.org. To make a donation to the 43 Day Campaign, click here