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Lutzie 43

A letter from Mike: How are you impacted?

Data, estimates, numbers, odds, probability and statistics…How are you impacted?

The Lutzie 43 Foundation impact:

  • Sixty-four scholarship winners awarded $270,000+
  • Nine Philip Lutzenkirchen Excellence in Public Speaking Award winners through Auburn University’s School of Communication and Journalism
  • 400+ “Philip’s Legacy…what legacy are you leaving?” talks
  • 220,000 attendees hearing this message of a legacy and safe driving
  • 150,000+ 43 Key Second keys, checklist cards and lanyards distributed to teen, college and adult drivers
  • Four years of elementary school Adapted Physical Education “Field Days” showing love to students with disabilities who need our help and recognizing the incredible staff who love these kids Monday through Friday nine months each year.

These are numbers and statistics to be proud of, and they wouldn’t be possible without our generous supporters who help us make a difference each day.  I have an overwhelming feeling of joy that Philip’s short life is the reason for the foundation’s impact.  Your charity and assistance in evangelizing the foundation and our 43 Key Seconds initiative bring tears to my eyes.  

But… there are still countless statistics that are worrisome and reflect so much work still to be done.

  • 20,160, the number of U.S. traffic deaths in the first half of 2021
  • This number represents an 18.4% rise in U.S. traffic deaths over the first half of 2020
  • This is the highest first-half total of U.S. traffic deaths since 2006
  • In Georgia alone, there were 911 traffic deaths, which are 29% more than 2020 and 24% more than in 2019
  • COVID-19 led to decreased miles driven, yet vehicle fatalities occurred at a high rate per mile driven than in 2019 
  • These fatalities are because of speeding, impairment, distractions and not wearing seatbelts
  • The National Safety Council estimates 798 people may be killed on U.S. roadways during our upcoming Christmas and New Year’s holiday driving period

I have an overwhelming feeling of heartache, knowing other families will experience the dark hole of losing a loved one due to a driver’s choice of driving distracted, speeding, being impaired or not wearing a seat belt.  These are personal choices that MUST change.

I am energized each day to ensure a Clear Head, Clear Hands, Clear Eyes and Clicking your seatbelt (front and back seats), the tenets of our 43 Key Seconds initiative, will reduce these preventable deaths and injuries.

 As you gather with family and friends, it is time to create memories and celebrate with loved ones.  By emphasizing 43 Key Seconds within your family culture, you increase the odds of creating cherishable memories.


God Bless.