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Lutzie 43
September 15, 2020

Categories: PFL Scholarship

Angela Sciacchitano, 2020 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Thank you to Angela Sciacchitano, a 2020 PFL Scholarship recipient for writing this blog post!

I am incredibly humbled and honored to be one of the recipients of the 2020 Prepared for Life Scholarship. I am grateful for the dedication and support of the Lutzie43 Foundation. Thank you for alleviating me and my family, and many others,  of some of the financial burdens associated with college. I am proud to receive this in honor of Philip Lutzenkirchen because he is the person everyone should strive to be more like. He was kind, humble, compassionate, faithful and always available to serve his community, friends, teammates, family and God. 

I was first introduced to the foundation during my freshman year of high school at Transfiguration Catholic Church. I was touched by Mr. Lutzenkirchen’s optimism and strength to share his son’s story with the community. He knew God had a reason for everything and his timing, although inscrutable in some moments, will always have a greater purpose. Mr. Lutzenkirchen recognized that and knew his son’s story will impact many teenagers and young adults to take 43 Key Seconds before driving their vehicle to drive with a clear head, clear hands and clear eyes.

I was most impacted by this religiously when I attended another seminar. I knew God wanted me present to hear his story again because God knew I would emotionally connect to his story and ponder on how this will impact my life. I was reminded to fear God because we do not know when our last day to live is and ultimately, it will be God’s judgment that determines our everlasting life. It was easy to understand the answer when I thought, “Well how can I live like Jesus?”  I listened to what Philip did in his life and knew that that was a great start! 

I was most impacted by his description of “availability”. Since that seminar, I remind myself of the patience, dedication, time and compassion it takes to be available for loved ones and people in need. Philip is the person everyone can learn from to live a better and more purposeful life.

I am excited to spread the Lutzie43 message and craft my own legacy inspired by Philip. Thank you again for this incredible honor and for all that the Lutzie43 Foundation does. 

Watch Anglea’s video here.