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Lutzie 43
October 6, 2020

Categories: PFL Scholarship

Meet Jack Terry, 2020 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Thank you to Jack Terry, a 2020 PFL Scholarship Recipient for providing this blog post!

My name is Jack Terry, and I am from Auburn, Alabama. I recently graduated from Lee-Scott Academy. While I was there I enjoyed participating in cross country, soccer, and track and field. In my free time, I often play the piano and spend time with friends. I started at Auburn University in fall 2020, I am studying mathematics. 

Growing up around Auburn football and going to the games has always been a major part of my falls. I have seen many a great player, both from Auburn and many opposing schools, and Philip was definitely one of them. But every time I would hear about him, it was not someone surprised about his on the field actions, but someone commenting, proudly, about something Philip did off the field, how he changed lives.

Jack Terry 2020 PFL Winner

Having the opportunity to learn more about Philip’s life through the 43 Lessons to Legacy curriculum allowed me to take these memories and image of a good guy and solidify them. I use them as a template for how to go about living life in many ways. It was extremely evident that Philip did not live life for himself, nor did he live for football. He lived to be the change that he wanted to see in the world and he encouraged others to be that as well.

While reading the curriculum, it was clear that although what Philip was doing was impressive and noble, it was not impossible for anyone else to do. That’s what makes him so unique in my eyes. He strove to be an authentic and kind-hearted human; that’s why many people loved him. It’s also something that every person can do. Philip showed that anybody can leave an impact on the world because everyone has the ability to.

This scholarship is very important to me because the message behind it is so great. I am humbled to receive an honor so closely tied to such a great man. My hopes are that I can use this gift, that benefits me, to have a meaningful impact on the lives of those around me. 

Learn more about Jack by watching his video!