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Lutzie 43
February 9, 2021

Categories: PFL Scholarship

Julia Bush, 2020 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Thank you to Julia Bush, a 2020 PFL Scholarship recipient for providing this blog post!

I am so grateful to have been awarded the Lutzie 43 PFL Character Scholarship! Growing up right outside of Auburn, as well as having two parents that are Auburn University alum, I have been around Auburn football all the time, cheering on the Tigers every home game. As a result of this, I couldn’t help but know the name Philip Lutzenkirchen. However, I did not truly know the extent of his character, both as a great athlete and a great person, until his father came and spoke to my school my junior year.

There were many important takeaways from Philip’s life and legacy, but the ones that stuck out to me most were the importance of making the most of every day and the significance of each and every decision we make.

You truly never know what each day will hold, so it is important to make the most of each one. Philip was a great example of this, showing kindness to everyone, treating others in a way that made people feel good about themselves, and in turn those people remembering him as someone who brightened their day or impacted their life in some way. He was generous and caring, living every moment to its fullest and living out his God-given talents and purpose. His impact during his time was immense, even though it came to such a tragic ending. This aspect of his life, although deeply saddening, was able to teach me another lesson I have been able to apply to my life. Every decision we make, no matter how big or small, has a consequence. Being sure to always make a smart choice, even if it is difficult, has the power to keep myself and others safe, whether it be in regards to drugs & alcohol, safe driving, or even as simple as the people I choose to surround myself with.

Every day is a chance to make an impact on someone’s life, and it all starts with simple decisions. I strive to always make the choice that follows the golden rule, to treat others as I want to be treated. In regards to what the Lutzie 43 Foundation is all about, these choices include always utilizing the 43 Key Seconds taught by Mr. Lutzenkirchen. By always following proper safety measures and staying distraction-free, I aim to keep my passengers and other drivers safe, in the same way, I strive to keep myself safe.

I am from Opelika, Alabama, and graduated from Opelika High School. I will be attending Auburn University in the fall and will be majoring in Agricultural Business & Economics. I plan to be involved in Greek life and to participate in student leadership opportunities.

Learn more about Julia by watching her video here!