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Lutzie 43
January 26, 2021

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Meet Jack Parsons, A 2020 PFL Scholarship Recipient

Thank you to Jack for providing this blog post. Get to know Jack one of our 2020 PFL Scholarship recipients below.

I am so honored to be chosen as a recipient of the 2020 Prepared for Life Lutzie 43 Scholarship.  Growing up in the same community as Philip Lutzenkirchen, his name and story are known and respected at my high school, on sports teams and among friends and neighbors. Philip is a local hero. He was loved for his great character, personality and willingness to serve. The legacy of his message not only creates better people but also helps keep people safe and even saves lives.

 When I first started playing basketball in a local church league, Philip refereed our games. I didn’t know much about him then. Just that he was tall and was a fair referee. As I grew older and was a student at Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia, I learned about Philip through coaches, teachers and the 43 Lessons to Legacy Curriculum. As class president and basketball team co-captain, I tried to apply what I learned in the Lutzie 43 Lessons in everything I did as a leader. Most importantly, I want to always have the character Philip possessed as a son, brother, friend and human being. What has impacted me so greatly is how real Philip has felt to me. He was young and full of life, and in less than a minute, his whole life changed. His life teaches us all to be aware, present, and responsible. Philip taught us to live humbly and graciously here on Earth and to leave a legacy of good character and service behind you.

In college, I’ll be away from home, my family, and my friends. More than ever I will need Philip’s life lessons to help me. Being disciplined, strong and responsible are all virtues that I will need to survive as a college student academically. Being authentic, loyal to myself and others, and a friend will help me personally.  Applying the 43 Key Seconds every time I enter a car as a driver or a passenger will keep my friends and self safe and alive.  To live, love, and learn are words that I plan to not only be a part of the next four years but also for my lifetime.

Lesson #37 in the Lutzie 43 is called Leader. It’s written by former Auburn football coach, Gus Malzhan in reference to Philip’s skills as a leader. He explains that good leadership begins with good character. He wrote that a true leader has an excellent work ethic, is unselfish and wants what is best for the team or group even if it means less glory for himself. Being resourceful and flexible helps whether you are on a team, or in any relationship. Staying humble and not needing the spotlight to your importance is what we are all called to do. I know Philip’s story, lessons, and legacy will be a part of me for the rest of my life and in whatever I do. I am incredibly grateful for the Lutzie 43 Foundation for this opportunity and their support to allow me to begin this next chapter of my life with strength, knowledge, and funding to help earn my college degree.  I promise to give back to my community and pay forward the gifts given to me by the foundation and  Philip Lutzenkirchen.

Watch Jack’s video here.