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Lutzie 43

Meet Emma Frances Zellner, a 2022 PFL Scholarship Winner

I am extremely thankful and honored to be a recipient of the 2022 Prepared for Life (PFL) Scholarship. Throughout reading the 43 Lessons to Legacy program and applying for this scholarship, I learned so much about the generosity of the Lutzie 43 Foundation and I could not be more appreciative for that. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the Lord’s provision in my life and how He has used this foundation to further my education and trust in Him.

Because of my two Auburn University alumni parents, I have attended Auburn football games my entire life. Hearing the loud echo of “TOUCHDOWN AUBURN” through the speaker makes me think of my sweetest childhood memories. The name Philip Lutzenkirchen was very familiar to me growing up. My dad would brag about how great Auburn is by telling the numerous stories of Philip’s impact on the field. My mom would reminisce on their trip to the 2010 National Championship by showing and posting a selfie she took with Philip. Auburn football players are celebrities in our family and Philip was no different. However, through my senior Character Counts class, I learned that Philip was more than just an outstanding football player. I read personal testimonies from his coaches, friends, and family members sharing the genuine, hardworking and loving example that he was for all those around him. Before, I admired Philip’s athletic ability and sportsmanship. Now and most importantly, I admire his love for the Lord and courage to live boldly as a believer.

Philip embodied what I want my life to look like: letting my light shine for Jesus. As I look to
the future, I am beyond excited, as a PFL scholarship recipient, to share Philip’s story and the inspiration he was. Thank you again to the Lutzenkirchen family for their abundant generosity. I will forever be
changed by this program. War Eagle!