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Lutzie 43

Meet Emma Gale, a 2022 PFL Scholarship Winner

My name is Emma Gale, and I am honored to be a recipient of the 2022 Prepared for Life (PFL) Scholarship. I attended Lassiter High School, Philip’s alma mater, where it is evident that Philip’s story has inspired students to make good decisions about driving. I remember my freshman year of high school when Mr. Lutzenkirchen came to Lassiter High School to speak about Philip’s story and the Lutzie 43 Foundation. I will never forget how inspired and motivated I was after hearing Philip’s father talk about his son’s legacy. It opened my eyes to how this incident could have easily been prevented with the click of a seatbelt. Mr. Lutzenkirchen’s speech allowed me to realize that, as a result of Philip’s accident, I have an obligation to be a positive advocate for safe driving in my community. 

Philip’s legacy has impacted me not only because of the significance of his tragic accident, but because of the attributes he displayed throughout his life. One of the attributes Philip displayed throughout his life that has had the greatest impact on me is his patience. Part of Philip’s story is his decision to wait until after his college career was over to enter the NFL draft, instead of entering when he was a junior. His decision to stay at Auburn another year reflected his patience and commitment. As I have had to make decisions about my future, it has been challenging to remain patient and rely on God’s timing.

Like Philip’s senior year in college, my senior year in high school did not go as I had planned. In November of 2021 I was deferred from Auburn University. I have been an Auburn fan my entire life and have dreamed of attending this university. Being an over 4.0 student involved in lots of extracurricular activities, I was more than surprised by this decision. While I was frustrated at the time, I remembered Philip’s story and the patience he portrayed during his disappointments. I reminded myself that everything would work out for God’s timing and not mine. When January 2022 rolled around, I received my acceptance letter from Auburn. I was so relieved and knew that being patient was the right decision. Philip’s demonstration of patience has inspired me to be more patient and slower to anger. It has also shown me what can happen when you let God take the reins of your life. 

I am excited to attend Auburn University and use my resources and knowledge to continue spreading Philip’s legacy. Although life may not always play out like I plan, because of Philip’s story I can be assured that God has a bigger purpose for my life.

Thank you again, Lutzie 43 Foundation, for allowing me the honor be to a recipient of the 2022 PFL Scholarship and represent the Lutzie 43 Foundation.