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Lutzie 43
July 7, 2020

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Tavaria Johnson: PFL Scholarship Recipient

Thank you Tavaria Johnson, a 2020 PFL Scholarship recipient, for writing this blog post! 

I am so grateful that the Lutzie 43 Foundation has blessed me with the opportunity to become an advocate for distraction-free driving and entrusts me with the honor of carrying on Philip’s legacy as well. This scholarship means so much to me because I have unfortunately seen several people I know drive under the influence, but now after hearing Philip’s story, a new sense of accountability has fallen on my life.

As a senior in high school, I met Mr. Mike Lutzenkirchen and I was blessed to hear Philip’s story. From that day forward I pledged to follow the 43 Key Seconds pledge and commit to taking care of others behind the wheel.

As a first-generation college student, I have sought various scholarships for financial aid but the PFL Scholarship provided a different opportunity. Aside from being a scholarship recipient, I also feel as though I am charged with the task of being an advocate for Philip and his story. Some may think his story is sad and represents obscurity, loss of hope, and death, but I hear enlightenment, joy, and life in Philip’s story. Ultimately, Philip was a servant. He served his team, his family, and most importantly God by serving others and loving them effortlessly.

Tavaria JohnsonTavaria Johnson PFL Scholarship Winner

Now, how do I reflect this in my life? I choose to serve others physically out of love and compassion for them, just as my savior, Jesus, did. I spend most of my spare time volunteering at a local food bank and a local nursing home pouring love into those who have been cast aside.

Tavaria Johnson PFL Scholarship Winner

Being a PFL scholar is so much more than receiving the financial aid award, but more so an honor to be entrusted to carry on a legacy. Even though I did not know Philip personally, I am very grateful for his life and the story it told. As a teenager, we are often expected to take on things in life we are not always prepared for. So, occasionally and unfortunately, some take to toxic outlets to cope. However, the Prepared for Life Scholarship holds you accountable for turning that uncertainty into something positive.

Sign the 43 Second Pledge: live by it and be confident in who you are in this world and in Christ Jesus.

Meet Tavaria by watching her video here.