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Lutzie 43
June 8, 2020

Categories: PFL Scholarship

2020 PFL Scholarship Winner, Seth Walker

Thank you to Seth Walker, a 2020 PFL Scholarship winner for providing this blog post.

I am incredibly honored to be selected as a recipient of the 2020 Prepared For Life Scholarship. Philip has been a part of what I like to think of as “God moments” since I was very young.  My parents had taken me to wait for the Auburn football team to return to Auburn after a victory on the road.  When the players arrived on busses, I was instantly swallowed by the crowd as I desperately tried to catch a glimpse of the players. Dozens of players walked by without giving me a second thought. Only one stopped to give me a high five, number forty-three. That moment that Philip took that night to make me feel special was the start of following him as a player on and off the field.

Seth Walker with dog, 2020 PFL Scholarship Winner Seth Walker Headshot 2020 PFL Scholarship Winner

I remember being in church the day that I heard about Philip’s accident. It was heartbreaking. His tragic death served as a constant reminder throughout my life of how one bad decision can destroy your life forever. I promised myself that I would always buckle up and never drink and drive. However, a couple of years later I caved to peer pressure and rode in the back of a truck with other friends across town.

A few days later I confessed to my mom what I had done. She had me watch Mike Lutzenkirchen on a video sharing about the pain and grief one bad decision can cause a family. The open grief they shared was palpable … and it renewed my promise to remember that every moment matters.

After watching Mr. Lutzenkirchen’s video, I embraced the 43 Key Seconds Curriculum. I always ensured that my phone was on “Do Not Disturb While Driving” and that I buckled up before I took my car out of park. Just a few months later, I was in a car wreck—my car was hit so hard I left the roadway in a spin that also destroyed a concrete sign, stop sign, and left my car totaled. However,  I was able to walk away unscathed because of Philip Lutzenkirchen and his family using his legacy to impact others—reminding all of us that every decision matters.

While I am not an athlete like Philip, I do aspire to hold similar values.  His life and legacy touched me throughout my own life. From a high five to inspiring me to drive safely to ultimately saving my life. I applied for this scholarship because Philip and his memory have continuously impacted my life for the better.

I will start my senior year of high school this fall at Auburn High School. I look forward to continuing to share with my peers about the 43 Key Seconds Curriculum and being an ambassador for safe driving.  I have grown up so close to Auburn University that the scoreboard illuminates my backyard on game days—the sounds of the band and cheers can also be heard in my home. I will join the Auburn University family in the fall of 2021 where I will pursue a degree in engineering. I hope to ultimately become a cardiologist.

I am genuinely honored that the Lutzie 43 Foundation has trusted me as a recipient to their scholarship—and I am so grateful for the opportunity it is giving me to attend Auburn University and the privilege to carry forward and promote Philip’s legacy every day.

Learn more about Seth by watching his video about what the PFL Scholarship means to him.

Seth Walker PFL Scholarship video